Our Story

Women Leaders in Technology(WLiT) was conceived back in 2013 when Claire Naylor from Women LEAD, Sakar Pudasaini and Pavitra Gautam at Karkhana were discussing about how they hadn’t seen enough girls in technology field in Nepal. On July 2013, Karkhana, Women LEAD with support from the then Robotics Association Nepal (RAN), Google Developers Group – GDG Kathmandu, the then Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) started an intense concentrated technology – leadership camp with 7 young girls all in their undergraduate program. They spent rest 5 days playing with electronics, lego robots, Arduinos, and LEDs. Also learning what it meant to be a leader, how to set goals and achieve them. After the completion of the program, 5 out of those 7 original participants teamed up to create the same impact the original WLiT program had made on them.
Started as a small unofficial community of young female techies, they partnered with other communities and organizations and grew to become an organization with it’s own programs to foster the vision: to provide young girls opportunities and resources to carry their passion in technology, and become leaders and innovators. In 2015, after realizing the need of formally legalized identity, Women Leaders in Technology registered itself as an non-governmental organization from the district of Lalitpur. WLiT has since them doing annual fellowship for undergraduate students as their main event, and several workshops – technical and leadership trainings once or twice every month.