A few weeks back, I decided to go to Indonesia through an organization named AIESEC. I went there for the project to teach English to Indonesian kids. I had never been to any other country before so, probably, a lot of things surprised me. From people’s dresses to their living style, everything was new to me. I came to realize that the world is so very different and contains variety of cultures, styles, and people.

Teaching experience(Pintu Elok)

Indonesia is a very hot country. There are only 2 seasons there: summer and rainy. I had worn a jacket, since, it was cold in my country and when I first stepped out of the airport, probably, I felt super-hot. But, the feeling was really good. There were the bunch of people in the airport to pick me up. I went to their university first, along with them. I could see a lot of ethnic Chinese people too. I didn’t know that Indonesia had Chinese people before I went there. I was really enjoying to have a look around Indonesia and Indonesian people. It was nice to look the green trees everywhere, since, it’s always summer there. I could see the houses and the designs which were so different and unique. The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslims so I could see many people

Volcanic mountain in Bandung.

wearing the scarfs on their heads. It looked much prettier in the small girls. I found that the people here are very friendly and nice. I spent few days traveling and having a look around Indonesia with the volunteers of the organization. I must mention that they were always ready to help us (Exchange-participants) and were super responsive. They helped me with everything and were always ready to travel and guide us (EP’s) to any place we wished to visit. After few days of having a look around Indonesia, the project started. We had to go to four orphanages once a week. Getting to know the kids was a really great experience of my life. It made me realize how children are so sensitive and how they can become what they are taught in their childhood. We wanted to make a good impact on us on children. There were 3 of us teaching English together in the orphanage. We tried our best to make them understand what we said.

Tidung Island (one of the 1000 islands)

My friend Jack, from China, was always focused on games which would grab the attention of the little ones. I learned a lot from children as well. We had our schedule for 5 weeks. So, besides teaching, we were also introduced to the culture, had few fun activities and of course, we got a chance to visit many places. We also had a visit to Tidung Island with my host family. The island is really small and beautiful. There are many kinds of water sports and a beautiful bridge called Love Bridge. It was fun to see the beach as we don’t have the beach in our country. We also had a visit to Jakarta for the whole day. Jakarta is really beautiful and a big capital city. I could see a lot of Ethnic Chinese people in Jakarta. I had a visit to the museum which was related to the old history of Jakarta and how Dutch people colonized Jakarta many years back. Jakarta’s main problem is its traffic. I would really suggest anyone going to Jakarta to know this fact before going there and prepare themselves. It can be worse at the peak hour. Anyway, we also had a visit to the biggest mosque and biggest church of Jakarta. The architecture of the mosque was really beautiful. At the end of the day, we stopped by a mall to eat something. It was a great day. After a visit to Jakarta and other beautiful places in Indonesia, we(me and Jack) headed to Bali. Also, I forgot to mention about my visit to Badung city. This city is cooler than Jakarta and other places in Indonesia which were probably great for walking around without sweating. We went to this volcanic mountain of Bandung. I never really thought I would be so close to the volcanic mountain in real life. It was quite a feeling.


Near Kuta Beach

Talking about Bali, it is the most touristic place in Indonesia. We stayed in Kuta city and while we stayed there, we could find more tourist than the locals in that place. Kuta has a huge population of tourists from different countries. Also, we stayed in a hostel, since, the hotel would be really expensive to afford in a place like Kuta. We had good friends in Hostel as well. To speak about the Kuta city, it is mainly famous for the beach. Kuta beach is really

Pandawa Beach

big and always crowded with tourists. I would say that the beach would be great for surfing beginners. I never tried it while I was there though. On the first day, we went to see this Kuta beach. We felt alive to see such a beauty. To be honest, there were some crashes on the beach, as it’s really crowded but still, it’s beauty covers it. While we were there, as a tourist, we could always find people forcing us to buy things which were a bit annoying sometimes. After two days, we (me and Jack) decided to visit few places like Pandawa Beach, GWK and a temple located near the forest. Among them, Pandawa beach was the best one. The sand of the beach was really white and clear. It’s a private beach so we had to pay a certain amount of money to go there but it was worth it. We walked along the beach. The sun was too intense and I got sunburn. So, I had a problem staying there for too long. The waves are high on that beach. It would be great for surfers. We could see some boats too. The beach was crowded too but I

Monkey forest.

swear I had never seen a beautiful beach like that in the whole Bali area. We had fun: the whole day. The company of a friend is always great. We also went to the famous monkey forest in Ubud before Jack returned home. I expected the forest to be big, but in reality, it was really small and also very crowded with tourist. But, the beauty of the forest left us with no words. I felt like I was in the movie Indiana Jones as there were statues and some old carvings and of course a lot of monkeys. We tried to approach them but few of them went crazy and nearly bit us. I guess they don’t like humans pretty much or they are just annoyed by getting too much attention from people every day. Anyway, we had fun, had great talks and enjoyed our day. I like Ubud city too. It was not as crowded as Kuta. It was a little colder than Kuta as it was in the higher altitude. Ubud is great for forest lovers. After that, on March 4, Jack went back and I had to stay there until March 8. I didn’t really have

Sunset at Tanah tol Temple near the beach.

much plans. I was also running out of money as I spent most of my money back in Jakarta and Tangerang. On those days, mainly, I went to Kuta beach, had talked with people in the hostel, sometimes slept in the day time, etc. I had very nice friends in Hostel as well. I could always find a company to talk to or to have a breakfast or dinner together. I never felt alone as long as I stayed in the hostel. It was great to hear stories from many travelers and learn from them. Before travelling to Bali, I never really thought about travelling and its challenges. After that, I had so many experience and inspirations from the travelers. Travelling is really something that one should experience in life to truly understand life and themselves. Anyway, I also went to this Sanoor beach with my Indonesian friend on those period of time. I watched the sunrise in that place. We also went to Bamboo forest afterwards. There was not even a single tourist. So, I really enjoyed the Bamboo forest hike. At the evening, we went to see this temple near the beach. It was lovely to relax and watch the sunset from that place. The whole trip during Bali was breath taking. Bali is a place where you can find volcanic mountains to forest to beach, everything in the same island. It was obvious to be the center of attraction of tourists. And, about the volcanic mountain, I would suggest anyone to hike to mount Batur. I never really hiked there but I went there to have a look of it. I also heard a story from people hiking over that mountain and according to them, it’s really beautiful. Also, I heard it would be great to hike up to the mountain, stay one night over the top and then watch the sunrise. I hope I can do that someday, if I went to Bali again. The whole Bali experience is something that I can never forget. I will remember Bali as the first ever place I travelled and the place where I began my travelling.

Mount Batur.

The two months went really good. I hope I can travel more. If I did, I will be writing about them as soon as I travel. I am really glad that I chose Indonesia and experienced so many things in only 2 months.

–Rasu Neupane