Inspire. Empower. Educate. Mentor

Women Leaders in Technology was established with the firm belief that women can and should hold key leadership and decision making positions in the field of computer technology.

We follow a two folded vision:

1. To reduce the gender gap in the technology field by encouraging young women to pursue careers in the field.

2. To enable them in becoming innovators and leaders, creating a new cycle of mentors and role models for all coming generations to follow.


February 2020- February 2021

Yantra Tantra- Safer Internet Campaign

November 2019- July 2020

WLiT Fellowship 2019/2020

March 2019

Nepalese Women in Wikipedia Girls Mapping their Community- Open Data Day

October 2018- June 2019

WLiT Fellowship 2018/19

April 2018

Hack by Girls 2018- Girls in ICT Day hackathon

June 2017- August 2018

WLiT Fellowship 2017/18

May 2017

Hack By Girls 2017- Girls in ICT day hackathon

December 2016

WordPress Weekend(s)

April 2016

Hack By Girls 2016- Girls in ICT day hackathon
International Women’s Day Celebration with WTM

May 2016- March 2017

WLiT Fellowship 2016/17

June 2015

WLiT Bootcamp 2015